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Diamond Vision Glass
An Extraordinary transparency!

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DiamondVision Crystal glass. ELOS lead the market in the realization of aquariums through the use of the ExtraClear Glass. 

ELOS today, is the first in the world, to introduce the new ELOS DiamondVision glass, for a “crystalline” view of the inhabitants of your aquarium! 

ELOS DiamondVision glass combines the qualities of scratch resistance of the ELOS ExtraClear glass, adding a unique transparency. 

Thanks to a light transmission of 92% and a colour rendering of 99% the aquariums of the new DiamondLine will offer an extraordinary view of the inhabitants of your aquarium.

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Adam’s Specialty Products, LLC (the parent company of CustomAquariums.com, CustomCages.com, SerenityUSA.com, and CagesUnder500Dollars.com) was established in 1998 as a build to order pet enclosure manufacturer. 

From the start, we were a build to order company selling directly to end consumers. Because we were able to interact directly with end customers we are able to constantly use their feedback, constantly improve and create unique, proprietary, high quality products. This was a winning formula. From what started as a one man operation in a 400 sq. ft. basement of a modestly sized apartment in 1998, over the next 17+ years we would become the number one build to order pet enclosure manufacturer in the USA selling tens of thousands of high end custom build to order units all over the world.


We now have over 25,000 square feet of manufacturing space that includes our own glass fabrication shop with high end CNC glass cutting tables, edgers, and moving equipment, as well as a full-fledged woodworking shop with full time professional craftsman that build our enclosures, stands, and canopies by hand one at a time. We literally have better equipment than most local glass and cabinet manufacturers. We also employ full time welders as well as many other high end professional managers and technicians. Our in house capabilities are second to none. We also use professional engineers when designing our products.


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