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Corals collected sustainably

TRSC sources corals from collection points that promote sustainable aquaculture and growth. Our colonies are collected around the world and effort is made to replace what is taken from the reefs.

Our collection zones span 8 countries and both coasts of the USA. TRSC is able to offer the best price on corals because we have our own CITES permits and pass those savings down to our customer’s.

Premium Service

The team at TRSC Aquatics has worked in various fields of study from photography to the sciences. We use the equipment that we sell and do not outsource projects to anyone.

Our team is confident in supporting most aspects dealing with controllers, light setup and programming, and even construction. TRSC Employ’s an inhouse Licensed Carpenter, Electrician, Computer Systems Engineer and General Contractor.

Your eyes don’t have filters so purchase corals without them.

Our crew makes every effort to take pictures that capture what Reef Keeper would see in their own tank without the aid of Orange Filters. This means that once in your tank the frags look even better when you want to taste the rainbow.

Your eyes didn’t come with filters so we believe that you should feel confident purchasing corals that were not edited to oblivion while taken with a filter.