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TRSC is an authorized Reseller for Custom Aquariums and all their accessories. Use our Code to receive $50 off your custom aquarium. We are happy to work with anyone looking to purchase a new aquarium. We can design amazing packages including lights and rock. Send us an e-mail at customerservice@trscaquatics.com to get started!

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CustomAquariums.com is the manufacturer direct online outlet store for the proprietary Lifetime Aquariums® glass aquarium system. This system makes our custom saltwater fish tanks and freshwater aquariums unique in the fact we can build to order practically any size with multiple glass aquarium material options and at the same time have unmatched strength and integrity. Configure your custom aquariums online or give us a call and our experts will help you configure your dream custom fish aquarium today!

Read more about our revolutionary patent pending Lifetime Aquariums® system.

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Developed by aquarium service experts with decades of experience at our aquarium service division (www.SerenityUSA.com), the Seamless Sump system is a complete filtration solution for both fresh and saltwater custom fish tanks, large and small. Our expandable one piece, “Seamless Sump®” system combines the best features of each type of filtration system into one elegant, easy to service, long lasting solution.

Read more about our revolutionary patent pending seamless sump filtration system.

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Also developed by aquarium service experts at our sister company (www.SerenityUSA.com), the patent pending H2Overflow ® is the perfect solution for safely and efficiently returning your aquarium water to your sump filter. Whether you have our recommended Seamless Sump® or another brand of sump, the H2Overflow® is extremely quiet, has a high quantity of skimming surface to provide aeration, maintains a consistent water height, displaces very little amount of water, and has a very small footprint to stay out of sight and out of the way of your lighting.

Read more about our revolutionary patent pending H2Overflow ® system for our custom fish aquariums!

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The H2Overflow Stealthbox® is the most versatile, silent, and reliable external aquarium overflow system available anywhere! This Stealthbox works great with the Seamless Sump, or any other sump system. The H2Overflow Stealthbox® has 1200, 2400, or 3600 gallon per hour capacity!

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The patent pending Siphon Stopper® return fitting allows you to minimize the risk of a back siphon and at the same time minimize evaporation, easily manipulate your water flow, and most of all no more reliance on failure prone check valves! It works great with the Seamless Sump® System, and the Loc-Line nozzle gives you tremendous versatility. The Siphon Stopper® return fitting is the most reliable, unique, visually appealing approach to returning water to your custom aquariums and protecting your property.

Read more about our amazing Siphon Stopper® innovation.