Aeraqua Duo Maxspect Dual Pump Skimmer


What do you get when you put 2 internal pumps in a new skimmer? Well its being touted as the first in the eventual double pump skimmer. These are few and far between but the thought process here is 2 pumps, double the bubble rate, retaining the small footprint, and over all just skimming better than a single pump configuration.

Double Pump Monster

So why am I apprehensive about this? Well i’m not a skimmer exper or pump engineer but I feel like “BALANCE” between the pumps if 1 gets clogged or breaks a needle or something would eventually become a problem. Imagine you set a skimming level while both pumps are working great and brand new but over time the pump closest to the refugium light gets a little coraline or piece of chaeto stuck in it. It then becomes a nightmare to identify which pump is not pulling its weight. I’m also not a big fan of any skimmer designs that employ a too-accurate way of regulating the water level (pipeless design) because from my experience they become clogged, algae stuck, and are never robust enough for a regular cleaning without breaking it.

More Pumps More Problems?

I am inlove with the idea that due to the use of 2 pumps its possible that the quantity and size of the bubbles will truly become finer which would create more area and bubbles to attract and attach to waste protiens for removal.

Clearly if your a Maxspect user like we are then Syna-G is being employed to control your gyres and could also be used to control the pumps in this skimmer.

Integrated Microbubble Traps are a nice touch.

We have not seen pricing for this item yet but hope it comes in some where mid-level in price. We are anxious as ever to try it out.

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