The 5th Generation Radions are finally here!

unnamed Ecotech Radion G5

The long-awaited 5th generation Radions are finally here, and revolutionized the new design! The new Gen 5 Radions have a radical new look that is far different than any of the previous Radion generations that have been released. They have a different LED spread with more color mixing and par spread so that your tank has even less shadowing and even more uniform colors. Rather than the typical puck design seen in previous Radions and other popular lights such as AI’s, Kessils, and Noopsyches these new Radions have more of a full spread of LEDs across the entire light similar to Orphek or Maxspect LEDs. 

The new Radions come in 4 versions that we have come to expect from Radion. There are the typical XR-15s and XR-30s, the XR-30s having twice the LEDs as the XR-15. Then there are the subcategories of the typical pro, however, the other type is not one we have seen before, it is called the “blue” version. Unfortunately, this blue does not come with a sleek blue color on the body of the Radion, but the replacement of white LEDs with blue, red, UV, purple, and green LEDs. These new styles are the same price, the MSRP for the XR-15 blue and pro is $419.99, and the XR-30 blue and pro will cost $839.99.

This new generation of Radions comes with a 35% increase in light output that is accompanied by a much more even spread of par across the entire tank. There is also a new fan design that performs better cooling while making less noise than previous models. They also have the same mounting points so you are able to mount them with the same hardware as previous Radions.

These new Radions also come with the new Mobius app that allows you to control all of your Ecotech devices with a much sleeker and user-friendly app compared to eco-smart. You will be able to control your Radions, new Versa dosing pump, Vortech pumps, and Vectra pumps with the all-new Mobius app. The new app works off of Bluetooth and will soon have an addable chip that allows you to control older Ecotech models that are currently not compatible.

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