Diamond Vision Glass

An Extraordinary transparence!

DiamondVision Crystal glass. ELOS lead the market in the realization of aquariums through the use of the ExtraClear Glass. 
ELOS today, is the first in the world, to introduce the newELOS DiamondVision glass, for a “crystalline” view of the inhabitants of your aquarium! 

ELOS DiamondVision glass combines the qualities of scratch resistance of the ELOS ExtraClear glass, adding a unique transparency. 
Thanks to a light transmission of 92% and a colour rendering of 99% the aquariums of the new DiamondLine will offer an extraordinary view of the inhabitants of your aquarium.

TRSC is an Authorized Dealer

If you would like to purchase an ELOS Aquarium please e-mail us at customerservice@trscaquatics.com

All Purchases receive 10% back of their system price back in corals from TRSC Aquatics.

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