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All of the info that the TRSC team has learned in the combined 20+ years of reefing experience broken down into easily digestible articles about all the topics you have ever wondered about.

Micro Nutrients in the Reef Aquarium


Today we are talking about Micronutrients also known as trace elements, and they are the building blocks for corals in your reef tank. These include Potassium, Iodine, Kalium, Iron, Strontium, and Fluorine just to name a few. While there are many other these are the most important and necessary. These elements are the most important […]

Decoding the confusing world of Macronutrients in the reef tank


Macronutrients in the aquarium, what does that even mean? What are macronutrients? How do I get them in my tank? How do I figure out how much I need? These are all questions I had, and questions that you probably have too. So let’s start here, Macronutrients are the elements calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium. While […]

What is the most important part of saltwater? SALT!


The next aspect of your water is salt! If you are attempting to create a reef tank it is good to use a salt that is targeted towards a reef tank. When mixing it is Ideal to have your mixing container filled with circulating water then add the salt. This allows the salt to dissolve […]

The MOST Important Aspect of a Reef Tank

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If you’re like me you’ve seen amazing years old tanks that are stunning and take your breath away. You’ve probably also seen established tanks that are far less than spectacular. I want to dig in and try to help your tank become one of these spectacular tanks. I myself have had several sub-par tanks, and […]