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The 5th Generation Radions are finally here!


The long-awaited 5th generation Radions are finally here, and revolutionized the new design! The new Gen 5 Radions have a radical new look that is far different than any of the previous Radion generations that have been released. They have a different LED spread with more color mixing and par spread so that your tank […]

MaxSpect DC – Series JUMP Series of pumps

MAxspectGF Jump

We are excited to get a few of these inhouse in the next months to take a look at how they operate in a rough and demanding environment such as our frag systems. Model MJ-DC6k MJ-DC8k MJ-DC10k MJ-DC12k MaxFlow 6,000L/H 8,000L/H 10,000L/H 12,000L/H Voltage DC24V,4A DC24V,4A DC24V,5A DC24V,6.35A RatePower 70W 90W 100W 120W Flowhead 4.5m […]