‘Super Corals’ saving the world’s reefs?

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ReefTanks Saving the worlds Coral Reefs

World news outlet Aljazeera recently posted and article about super corals surviving the worlds reefs. With the ocean and climate change a real issue today some hobbyists are wondering if Reefers could be the saviors of the worlds coral reefs.

Its a proven fact that Reefers have been able to take some of the most difficult to grow corals and acclimate them to the ReefTank. This means that new corals are growing in tanks across the worlds in less than ideal conditions. These corals therefore are suited to an imperfect ecosystem that hobbyists strive to re-create.

'Super Corals' saving the world's reefs? 3

Could growing corals in our fish tanks lead to re-planting corals in the worlds oceans so that one day future generations can enjoy them?

Its no secret that my own children may never have the opportunity to see some of the amazing species we have at the shop in their natural habitat. So many of the corals and fish that we have are collected deep in the ocean where only certified divers are able to traverse. This means that aside from Public Aquariums a reef tank is quite possibly the only place people would ever be able to see some of these corals.

I have never truly been to a public aquarium where they had a comprehensive array of corals readily available or in good health. As a matter of fact guests to my own home frequently remark that although they have visited many aquariums around the country none quite had the impact of my 350 Gallon display with wall to wall SPS and LPS corals.

Check out the Aljazeera article to take a look how these super corals might one day save the reef. While your at it, consider sharing your aquarium with others that may never have the opportunity to see it themselves.


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